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ITI/ITC Management Software

ITI/ITC Management Software

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 Multi User Environment.
 User Creation & High Security Setting options.
 Database Backup & Restore Options.
 Manages All Manual Work Of Institution From Student Enquiry To Placement.
 Software Generated Report Can Be Converted Into Any Format Like Word/Excel/Pdf.
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 Tele Support, Mails , On-line & Support Via E-mail Comprises Of The Main Off Site Support Techniques .
 Minor Charges in Reports And Other Aspects Are Taken Care Of By Our Development Center And Sent Across Through           E-mail/CD.
 Complete Training And User Manuals Are Provided To All Our Customers For Easing The Implementation Process.
 Budget Control System & Financial Planning.
 Paper Less Transaction.

Machinist trade

Trade Name Machinist
Course Duration 2 Year
Minimum Qualification 10th Pass.
Apprenticeship Training 3 Years including 2 year basic Training
Skills Acquired
1 Operate varied machine tools like edge, Lathe, Shaper, Slotter, Planner, Drilling, Grinder (Surface, Cylindrical and gear & Cutter Grinder), and conjointly basic C.N.C. Milling.
2 Machinist Operator will turn out varied jobs with totally different shapes and sizes from the higher than same machine tools pro re nata within the major industries and little workshops.
3 Expert in cutting of assorted Gears like Spur, Helical, Bevel, gear etc.
Employment Option
Major industries like Goa Shipyard, Mormugao Port Trust, A.C.G.L., GAAL and also various small-scale industries.

Wireman trade

Trade Name Wireman
Course Duration 2 Year
Minimum Qualification 10th Pass with science.
Apprenticeship Training 3 Years including 1 year basic Training
Skills Acquired
1 Skilled in industrial and domestic wiring, rewinding fractional H.P. motors.
2 Repair of electrical instrumentality and machinery.
3 Installation and maintenance of overhead lines.
4 Fault finding in machinery like shaper machine, drilling machine utilized in workshop and factories.
5 Servicing and repairing of Table fan, ceiling fan, fan, Hair dryer, mixture mixer, Grinder, Water pump, washer, geyser, heater; A.C/ DC generator relays utilized in AC/DC circuit.
6 Estimate value of various sorts of wiring utilized in domestic and industrial wiring. Work on differing kinds of insulators, grounding utilized in station, powerhouse, lighting arrestor, reactor etc.
7 He shall be ready to prepare HT/CT panel boards coming up with of panel boards used for trade / work search. Fault finding in numerous sorts of A.C and D.C. starter utilized in factories and workshops. association of various sorts of measurement instruments that is obtainable on panel board etc utilized in factories and workshops.
8 Assembling and repairing of various sorts of lamps utilized in electrical workshop and factories. knowledgeable in hand winding and machine winding of transformers, field coils of DC motors, rewinding of coil, stator coil winding, electrical bell/buzzer N.U.C, O.L.C. of DC starter etc.

Surveyor trade

Trade Name Surveyor
Course Duration 1 Year
Minimum Qualification 10th Pass with science.
Apprenticeship Training 3 Years including 2 year basic Training
Skills Acquired
1 lan the survey of an in depth space and conduct an equivalent with chain, prismatic compass, surveying instrument or transit with miscalculation of fifty or less.
2 Able to enter the higher than in acceptable field books, create the mandatory calculations, plot an equivalent and end in ink and color.
3 Able to try to to fly leveling with miscalculation of .03 per K.M. Establish benchmarks, enter the sphere book cut back and check an equivalent.
4 Able to hold out geographics survey of an in depth undulated space with surveying instrument, operation technique, in combinat on with Indian pattern clinometers, Abney level etc.
5 Able to contour a given undulated space by spot level like a website for reservoir and interpole the contours.
6 Able to organize proposal for birthing a road or canal together with preparation of website set up longitudinal cross sections, calculate the depth of cutting associate height of hill once proposing formation level.
7 Set out a straightforward compound, reserve vertical and transition curves from given knowledge.
8 Able to line out a building or waste pipe from given drawing.
9 Able to line out a given gradient purchase technique of gnat tracer and boning rods.
10 Able to plot from given field book the set up of a givern space, end it in it ink and color, trace and prepare Ferro-print enlarge and cut back an equivalent to needed scale.
11 Able to seek out the world of given plot.
12 Able to survey of a block of ten hectares of land containing many fields, subdivisions and prepare field measure books demarcation sketch and connected records
13 Able to organize field and village maps in several scale.
14 Able to watch and reckon AZ.
15 Able to organize an in depth drawing of straightforward building or waste pipe from given sketch or specifications.
16 Able to seek out truth north by perceptive sun & stars.
17 Able to conduct the register survey and plot it within the sheet as per provisionary settlement map.
18 Able to control the pc, DOS, CAD, car CAD etc.

Plumber trade

Trade Name Plumber
Course Duration 2 Year
Minimum Qualification 8th Pass.
Apprenticeship Training 2 Years including One year basic Training
Skills Acquired
1 Lay out set up and install differing types of pipes for facility and evacuation, hygienic fittings like wash basin, shower, sink, bathroom, urinals victimization waste and attachment, brazing, gas fastening, trade and masonry work associated with plumbing.
2 Repairing, cleanup and maintenance of valves, cocks and plumbing fixtures.
3 Installation of copper pipes for water, oil and gas. Installation, repairing and maintenance of pumps.
4 Design and construction of chamber and tank. Estimation of materials demand and its price of plumbing.
Employment Option
1 Plumber in Government departments/PWD, Hotels, Shopping Mall, Housing Society, Industries etc.
2 Pump Operator, Plumbing Supervisor, and Pipe Fitter in ship industries and oil refineries.

Foundary Man trade

Trade Name Foundary Man
Course Duration 1 Year
Minimum Qualification 8th Pass.
Apprenticeship Training 3 year including 1 year basic training
Skills Acquired
1 Prepare moulding sand for Al.
2 Fettle & metallic element casting.
3 Open sand mould and bedded mould in floor.
4 Prepare mould by victimisation varied gating systems.
5 Operate & maintain oil laid-off chamber.
6 Repair the broken picket patterns and core boxes
7 Carry out the various tests on moulding sand.
8 Assemble cowl core and balanced core in mould
9 Prepare mould for all non-ferrous and forged iron casting.
10 . Maintain and operate pit chamber; oil laid-off tilting chamber and cupola furnace
11 Inspect the casting and observe the defects in casting and counsel remedies.
12 Prepare mould for non ferric metals and forged iron castings.
13 Prepare core sand by victimisation varied binders.
14 Prepare moulds and cores as per the patterns and core boxes equipped and forged with within the dimensional accuracy of 1- 1.5 mm.
15 Melt and pour non ferric metals and forged iron.
16 Clean and fitness non ferric and forged iron casting.
17 Detect the defects in casting and counsel the remedies.
18 Understand the construct of basic science.

Electrician trade

Trade Name Electrician
Course Duration 2 Year
Minimum Qualification 10th Pass with science.
Apprenticeship Training 3 Years including 2 year basic Training
Skills Acquired
1 Knowledge of generation, transmission and distribution line
2 Overhead differing kinds of insulators.
3 Earthing employed in station, powerhouse, lighting arrestor, reactor, and differing kinds of capacitors in AC/DC circuit employed in electronic and electrical installation in industries.
4 Construction of various styles of batteries and electrolytes employed in it, he shall able to prepare and repair batteries in workshop.
5 Servicing and repairing of table fan, ceiling fan, fan, hair dryer, mixer, liquidizer, grinder, water pump, washer, AC/DC generator, transformers, magnetic attraction clutches and relays employed in AC/DC circuit.
6 Design prepare HT/CT panel boards used for industries / workshop. sight Fault in several styles of AC and DC starter and motor timer employed in factories and workshop and take up maintenance of machinery like shaper, machine, shaper, capson shaper, CNC machine, Connect differing kinds of measuring system on the panel boards.
7 Hand winding and machine winding of transformers, field coils of DC motors, rewinding of coil stator coil winding bell/Buzzer/NVC, OLC of DC starter.
Employment Option
work as a lineman / Wireman /maintenance electrician electrical supervisor / electrical contractor / service technician/expert re-winder/ lab technician /electrical maintenance Forman in Private Industries and Govt. Sector.
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